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A Closer Look at Zova’s CBD Botanical Salve

Using CBD is simple – unless you’ve never tried it before. Before you start, you need to decide what option is best for you. Zova has a range of options to fit your needs, but one our most popular topical options is Zova’s CBD Botanical Salve.

Our CBD Botanical Salve is a topical cream infused with both cannabidiol and a proprietary botanical blend. As a topical, it is applied on different locations of the skin and is not meant for consumption. Some of the recommended locations for application are your temples, neck, joints, feet and shoulders.

How do I use Zova's CBD Botanical Salve

Luckily, using a CBD Salve is simple! We’ve outlined 3 basic steps for you to start using your Zova CBD Botanical Salve!

1. Determine where to apply your salve

Zova’s CBD Botanical Salve is meant to be applied to targeted areas. The areas are typically the temples, neck, shoulders, feet, and common joints (elbows, knees, wrists, etc).

Applying your Zova Botanical CBD Salve

2. Clean before use

Cleaning before application is critical to ensure the full benefits of your Zova CBD Botanical Salve. We suggest cleaning the application area with water and soap prior to applying your CBD Salve, and washing your hands thoroughly after applying.

3. Apply the right amount

With CBD salves, a little can go a long way. Simply apply a small amount of the salve to the desired area, and massage it slowly into the skin. Zova’s CBD Botanical Salve actuator provides 0.5mL of cream per pump, totaling 200 applications per bottle.

Why use Zova's CBD Botanical Salve?

If you’re looking to address a specific problem area on your body, a CBD salve is the way to go. With topical CBD products, you gain the ability to specifically target a given area on the body. Zova’s CBD Botanical Salve is one of our most popular products thanks to its ease of use and effectiveness. It is a great way to begin your CBD journey.

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