From procuring high-grade raw materials to creating air-tight workflow processes in manufacturing, our rigorous product quality dictates every decision we make. Our products are the result of many years of research and dedication to developing innovative solutions. At Zova, our Pharmacists work in tandem with our cultivators, manufacturers and third-party quality assurance providers to ensure that every single one of our products meets standards of identity, stability, and quality. That means our products contain exactly what they say they do (and nothing more). Not one of our products goes on the shelf without being verified and tested by independent experts. Every product has a QR code that links to the product’s third-party lab’s certificate of analysis.

Our process

In-Depth Research

The products and services we offer to our communities represent years of research and dedication to serving their needs. Focused on developing a greater quality of life for all, we deliver cutting edge, innovative solutions based on the needs of communities around us. We’re dedicated to researching and developing all of our products prior to release, and will not release a product that we ourselves would not use.

Hemp Cultivation

Our hemp is sourced from our partner farm located along the bend of the Great Lakes, one of the world’s largest destinations for freshwater. This means our hemp is grown the way nature intended it: free of pesticides, herbicides and water treatment contamination. We believe in regenerative, organic farming, which is why our cultivator uses methods such as no-till and cover cropping to maintain the land and reinstate essential nutrients into the soil for a better harvest, year after year.

High Quality Manufacturing

At Zova, we work with vetted partners to ensure quality, and we oversee every step of the manufacturing process. After our hemp plants are harvested, they’re dried, packaged and sent to a cGMP extraction facility. There, the oils containing the cannabinoids are extracted — broad spectrum oils that contain all the most effective properties of CBD — for use in Zova’s product line. Our clean manufacturing processes and facility ensure that all of our CBD products are 0.00% THC free and of the highest quality that can be traced back to their root of origin.

Product Testing

Our clean manufacturing processes and facility ensure that all our CBD products contain 0.00% THC and are of the highest quality that can be traced back to its root of origin. We test all of our products through a third party lab to ensure that they are free of contamination (micros, metals and solvents) and meet specifications. You can always view our product’s third party lab testing results online, or by scanning the QR code located on all product packaging.

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